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Choosing Hoag Affiliated Physicians

Giving your family the quality care and dedication provided by Hoag Affiliated Physicians world-class specialists is easy - just follow these easy steps.

During Open Enrollment

  1. Write the physician's name, and health plan ID number if you have it, on your health insurance enrollment form.
  2. Click here for a list of accepted health plans.

How to change Primary Care Physicians (PCP) to access Hoag Affiliated Physicians

  1. Contact the Member Services or Customer Services Department listed on your insurance card.
  2. Provide the name of the new Primary Care Physician you have selected and specify you want to join the Hoag Affiliated Physician Network.
  3. Click here for a list of accepted Health Plans.
  4. Confirm your selection with your health plan.

Need help selecting a physician? Click here or call 855-450-4464.

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